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Kibale Bigodi

Kibale Forest National Park is a birder’s paradise, with about 370 bird species recorded. After chimpanzee tracking, bird watching is the second most popular activity in the park. Most of the species recorded are forest species with the Green Breasted Pitta the most sought-after bird. It’s also the best place to see the endemic Black bee-eater, Nahan’s francolin, Masked Apalis and Cassins’ spinetail

Apart from the forest, the community-run project Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary is another perfect place to go bird watching while staying with us at Guereza Canopy lodge. The sanctuary is a treasure-trove for Ugandan birds, with over 138 bird species recorded. The sanctuary is where the natural forest meets the community, and portions of the trail will lead you to the border of the park where you will view lots of birds, butterflies, monkeys, and reptiles. The star of the sanctuary is the Great-Blue turaco, a large colourful which the locals also call lipstick bird because of the bright red colour on the tip of its beak.

Being avid birders ourselves, we enjoy bird watching right from our lodge. With the viewing platform from the upper deck lounge or your balconies, you can spot so many birds before even stepping away from the lodge. We have set up several easy trails where you can bird with our experienced guides who are equally trained and knowledgeable in ornithology.

Bird watching in Kibale is an activity that can be done all year round. However, the best time to bird watch while you stay at Guereza lodge is from March to May and September to November.  From June to September is the fruiting season and the food is in abundance. It’s much easier to see a variety of birds including the colourful breeding birds.