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Kibale Bigodi

The Bigodi swamp walk is another unique and exciting activity you can enjoy while you stay with us at Guereza Canopy lodge. You will have the chance to explore the natural beauty of the unique swampy vegetation that surrounds the park. Established by the Kibale Association For Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED), the richness and biodiversity of the area was recognised and conservation efforts were put in place to protect the sanctuary. The association has thence transformed the lives of the people living in the area, employing the youth while injecting income back into community projects like schools and healthcare centres.

The 5 km swamp walk is characterised by trekking through the forest to a boardwalk through the untouched papyrus swamp. Depending on the weather, there are areas of the boardwalk that are underwater, but it doesn’t get deeper than slightly below the knee. KAFRED offers free wellington boots for all visitors for the walk. Step into the clear water which is surprisingly cool and refreshing. The activity takes 2-3 hours but it’s not a place to rush. The whole activity is not about distance, it is about enjoying yourself in the swamp. Enjoy the swishing watery nature walk while listening to monkeys chattering and birds singing all along the trail. The activity is downright therapeutic, a relaxing communion with one of Uganda’s most beautiful serene and unique ecosystems.

KAFRED also runs community walks where visitors can be introduced to activities run by the locals around the park. In order to discourage poaching and encroachment on the forest, they introduced activities which can allow the people around to earn a much-needed income from the large numbers of visitors who visit the park daily. Activities include visiting a local medicine man, banana and coffee brewing activities, and local cooking classes all crowned with performances from the local women’s group who keep guests entertained with songs and dances.